miscellaneous Monday

I think I am going to start a miscellaneous Monday…it’s an easy way to get a lot of thoughts out at once. My apologies in advance if none make sense:-).

  • So, I started the Couch to 5K today…yes, I know I was supposed to start it last week but I didn’t because I knew I wasn’t going to get to the gym as much last week as I needed to. Today was 60 second jogging/90 second walking intervals. Piece of cake…I have 2 more days of that this week before I get to move on. Remind me though when I get to week 5 or 6 and am dying that I was bragging about day 1 being a piece of cake.
  • Makeup…sigh. I have always hated my skin…too oily…too acne prone. Well, not anymore. Now, since my surgery, it is the weirdest thing but I have the exact opposite problem. My skin is extremely dry and flakey…is it the reduction of fat in my body?! Of course this poses major issues with me, who has this issue of not going out without at least foundation on…the issue now is, I can’t find any that doesn’t look horrible with my flakey skin. I have tried different mousterizers and makeups…so many so, it is getting to be quite expensive. Any suggestions?
  • Growl…yes, that is my stomach you are hearing :-). Here lately, I have gotten so hungry, an hour after I eat my stomach is growling so loud others can hear it. Can we say embarrassing when you are sitting in a staff meeting…LOL! My next appointment for a possible fill was November 5th and I was really going to try to make it till then. No can do. I called today and go in next week to hopefully get a fill. While I have been slowly and steadily losing weight, part of the bands purpose is also to help keep you full longer on less food. Well, my willpower has gotten to the point that I don’t *crave/eat* the extra food but I can’t ignore the growling that makes itself VERY apparent. So, we shall see what next week brings. Bryan was bummed before that he would miss my first fill due to the TDY, but maybe not now.
  • Fireproof – Has anyone seen the previews for it? They have been really promoting it at church, since it is Biblically based and from the same producers as “Facing the Giants”. I watched the preview last week and it about brought me to tears, probably because Bry and I are going through some rough times at the moment. The day I watched the preview, I told him I wanted him to take me to see it (it is only in select theaters for a few days). A few days later, I checked to see about tickets and all shows were sold out except the 10pm shows which I cannot do. I was mad and hurt, which resulted in an arguement…you know, the typical you never do anything for me type of arguement. A few days later, I discovered that he had already secured tickets for this Saturday night but wanted it to be a surprise. AT that point, I felt really bad but also really loved, because he could have said forget it after me acting that way. Rough times and all, I definitely have a keeper. Here’s the preview if you’d like to see…


Anyhow, I am going to leave you with that and head to bed…pretty powerful, isn’t it?!

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  1. On the moisturizer…

    I had GB surgery in 2005 and found the same flip-flop with my skin going from acne prone to flaky. Tried everything but what I finally found works well for me is Avon’s Anew moisturizer that comes in the dark brown bottle with a pump dispenser. (Fits in the palm of my hand, so it’s smallish but lasts a long time!) Daily use of that allows me to pretty much use my regular foundation. Hope this helps :O)


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