That is what my legs feel like today…LOL! It was my first day back in the gym since December. Since a cancer diagnosis sent me reeling and a surgery put me out for 6 weeks. No excuse really though…

Bry and I met at the Y after work today. Tomorrow I hit 6 weeks post-op, so I figured there was no big issue starting back up. I ended up doing 52 minutes on the treadmill, about 2.5 miles (yes, I need to recalibrate my Nike+ sensor since as you can tell, the stats on the sidebar are off a bit). My average incline was 3% and average speed was 3mph. I did do a few short jogging bursts at 4mph (hey, this girl has short legs…LOL) and didn’t keel over…that’s always a plus.

I was quite irritated at myself though when I was done, I was only at a 19:31 minute mile yet back in December after 2 months in the gym I was at a 16:45 minute mile. Sigh. I guess that is to be expected after an 8+ month hiatus…doesn’t change my frustration though.

Anyhow, I am giving my self till the 14th to get back in a gym routine before I start up the c25k program again. My goal is not to just complete the Feet 2 Faith 5K again this year but to run it. Wish me luck.


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