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So, Jacey had her eye exam today…she was due back in February. Bad, bad mom…LOL! The doctor and his staff were impressed with how well behaved and articulate she is. Made me feel like we are doing *something* right. Parenting is such a hard job somedays.

Her eyes have actually gotten a third better and the doctor estimates by 8 she’ll only have to wear the glasses for reading, etc not all the time which I am sure she will be thrilled with. From there, we set out in search of new glasses. Took a peek in the base optical shop and nothing grabbed us so we headed to Lenscrafters. They were running a free lenses with frames sale and I had a $100 off coupon.


Third pair Jacey tried on, we all loved.

So, here she is before….

Jacey's new specs - before

And after…

Jacey's new specs - after

Jacey's new specs - after

She looks so grown up now…


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  1. Those glasses are lovely. You’re so right about the challenges of parenthood – those little indiviudals have such strong will and minds of their own. I wouldn’t have it any other way but gee it would be nice for mum to get a break sometimes! I was reading what you wrote about eating until you are satisfied – I find that really hard as for so many years satisfied meant cleaning up a huge plate of food and now after the band, I’m still exploring the difference between head satisfied and stomach satisfied. Thanks for sharing your experiences. Mel

  2. i really liked looking at all the stuff on lap band surgery, have you had any problems so far? i am almost ready to meet the surgeon, i have tricare, i don’t have any co-morbid problems, my bmi is 51, still i am worried about getting approval

  3. @ donna wilson:

    Thanks! The only issue I have had so far is a burning, pulling sensation in my port area. It started at over 3 weeks post op one night when I rolled over in bed. My PCM is going to check on it tomorrow since my surgeon is over an hour away and not an easy, drop of the hat trip.

    Good luck, so far I wouldn’t change it for the world!


  4. @ Melanie:

    Thanks, she is quite fond of them.

    Eating till I am satisfied is a daily battle. Somedays I can easily read my body signals and others, I am definitely left wondering. I am looking forward to my first fill to hopefully get a little stronger body signals:-)


  5. Thanks it’s reassuring to know others are facing similar issues. I however feel so muhc better with the lapband already – it’s like that superdrive appetite has been switched off – so at least it’s easier to fight the head battles and win!


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