36 more minutes…

…and I will have the house ALL to myself for 5 whole hours!! Do you know how long it is has been since I have had 5 hours to myself with no specific agenda?! No Lacey this or Mommy that…


I love them dearly, but my sanity has been riding on edge lately with no *me* time.

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  1. Wow, I wouldn’t even know what to do with myself, lol! I’d probably just sit on the computer or sleep. The quiet would be nice though.

    p.s.-I hope Fay doesn’t give y’all too hard of a time.

  2. @ meghann:

    LOL! It was wonderful!

    Fay was a whole lot of nothing for us…I was really looking farward to a nice, lazy, rainy weekend:-(

    How’s the homeschooling going? Or do you start tomorrow? My brain is mush lately.


  3. I love to hear other women say that. LOL. :-)
    My husband has worked 27 years of our 29 year marriage then he became disabled (needed two knee replacements) I love him dearly but he never leaves.LOL I used to do everything that needed to be done when he wasn’t home and occasionally (rarely) I got to do things for me! Now I look forward to when he has therapy. But sadly I’m usually working then.

    My son graduated from Penn State and is home because he can’t find a job and my daughter who is a Junior at Moravian lives at home.
    I love having the kids home, I’m the type of person who wishes they’d stay forever. But give me a day a week to myself please.
    For my sanity….

    LOL….hope you get more!!!!


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