*WLS* 1st post-op visit

Today we made the trek to Pensacola, for my first post-op visit (5 days post-op). Jacey was with M & AJ, so it was a quiet trip (she talks NON-STOP)…LOL!

Stepped on the scale and am down 7.6 pounds from my pre-op weight. I didn’t get too excited, because ANYONE could do that on a diet of nothing but water, broth, jello and juice, 2oz per meal….LOL! My BMI though is officially down from 41.1 to 39.8 and I am no longer morbidly obese (how I hate that term…obese) Dr. Nye checked me out and I got to get my stitches removed and replaced with steri-strips. I’ll be glad when it is all gone, since my tummy is not liking all these adhesives and itches like crazy.

I found out that I have the Lap Band AP Standard 10cc band. Not sure why I wanted to know, but I did. I also got to move to the phase 2 diet and I about kissed my surgeon! If I never see jello again, it will be too soon. Then on Sunday, I get to move to phase 3…YAY! While I want to heal properly, having a little bit of consistency in your foods is a perk you take for granted.


  • Phase 1 clear liquids – water, crystal lite, clear juice, broth, jello, sf popsicles, etc
  • Phase 2 full liquids – all of the above, plus yogurt, blenderized soups, thin cream of wheat, thin grits, sf pudding, etc
  • Phase 3 pureed (mushies) – all of the above, plus pretty much anything you can put in the blender (think of stage 1 baby foods)
  • Phase 4 soft foods – all of the above, plus tuna, soft veggies, tender chicken, fish, scrambled eggs, etc
  • Phase 5 regular foods – anything pretty much that your body will tolerate

You eat 2oz (1/4c) servings in all of these stages till 5. In phase 5, you start out with 2oz servings but will eventually get to 4oz (1/2c) servings according to my paperwork. I do need to ask my doctor about this at my next appt. I feel this booklet is TOO gastric bypass themed and always understood that the goal of the band was for you to eat till you are satisfied (not full), no specific set amount. Luckily though, the 2oz hasn’t been all that bad…I think the surgery swelling is helping with that right now.

Anyway, since all was good, I go back again next Wednesday and hopefully get to remove the steri-strips (if they haven’t fallen off themselves) and move to the phase 4 diet (fingers crossed).

4 Responses

  1. Wow that is so awesome!!! I just started researching Lap band procedures. I am making an appointment for the first orientation meetings, so you will definitely have to let me know what you think. I have tried EVERYTHING!

  2. So glad this all going so well for you! I hope it continues to do so. My Mom had gastric bypass back in October and has lost over 100lbs! She said the same thing about phase 1 and phase 2!



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