old photographs…

I have had these three *HUGE* pictures that my mom gave me when I moved out and got married 9 years ago. There were two of me with my mom and dad (who have been divorced since I was 3) and one of my mom and I. I have had NO clue what to do with them or where to take them to get them scanned. Then, I recently had a light bulb moment, I’d learn how to use the large scanner that is built into our color copier at work. I still had to scan them four times to cover all the area and this is just a rough stitch in photoshop with no color correction, but here they are. At least now I can do *something* with them (perhaps scrap them? nah, I don;t even know what that is anymore:-).

Click the thumbnails to see them bigger (I am trying out a new way to upload pics, tell me if you like it)…





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