so we’re moving

It’s official, we signed the lease yesterday and went to housing today to give our 30 day notice! I am thrilled, once again today was a perfect testament to why we are moving…LOL!

It’s a 3/2/2 in Niceville which is where I work, so initially Bryan and I are just trading commutes. We opted to keep Jacey at her current school till the end of the year since she has a wonderful teacher, so I’ll be driving her to school and Bryan will be bringing her home. We move on March 1st, so it will only be 3 months of driving her, not too bad.

We are losing about 40 sq feet from our current floor plan, mainly in the office and I am not too fond of the bathrooms, but we are gaining a two car garage, a second bathroom and a fenced backyard. Jacey will be thrilled to know that she can finally get the pool she’s been lusting after and Bryan is tickled to have a tinkering spot.

Here’s a pic of the new house.

New House

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  1. Hey Lacey!!! I have thought about you from time to time and wondered what you guys were up too!!! Everyone is looking great! Been reading up on your past posts trying to get it all down and updated! That’s totally cool that your photography is taking off, I’m still learning my camera.. LOL!

    As you can see from my blog, things are going well. Right now we’re deep in snow and having no school days! Dayv just got home from a very long 4 month deployment {it was seriously the hardest yet}. Alyssa is 10 1/2 and growing in leaps and bounds. My mom lives with us now, as you might of read. I am still staying at home. We love it here in WA and want to actually retire here. We tried to get to GA and well God had another plan in mind! LOL. This is where we ended up and loved it so much, but not right away!

    I’ll add your blog to mine so I can keep in touch! Keep in touch with me too!



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