DFAS drives me crazy…in our 8 years in, we have had constant issues with our paychecks, over paying us, under paying us, not paying us, etc. This year, I thought they had finally gotten their acts together. Our checks have been right, a January raise and 8 year raise when they were supposed to happen and no other issues…till today. I got on USAA this morning to get our pay info so I can stick it in quicken and do bills. Bryan’s check is $100 less than what it has been since May. WTH? Were did the money suddenly go? We haven’t had any changes initiated by us and they have not alerted us to any changes. Of course, it is mid-month so the LES shows you nothing.

A few dollars, I could have understood…okay, maybe SGLI Family SGLI or dental, etc went up…but $100?! So, now Bryan has to head to finance to figure out the issue and pray they don’t screw something else up.


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