So, we have two birthdays coming up around here. Mine is on the 29th and Jacey’s is on November 2nd. I told Bryan he couldn’t get me anything since I am getting my girls weekend in San Antonio over Veteran’s Day but of course, he’s not okay with that. So, I started thinking on what I might want. Here lately I have gotten a bug up my backside to run the Gate-to-Gate on Memorial Day next year. Yes, me who hates running…LOL! So, I picked out this….


I got a 2nd gen Nano, Nike+ Apple kit, shoe holder and an armband. Bryan was sweet enough to let me have it early and I love it so far. See on the right, you can check out my progress! I even joined in a 1 month challenge with Holly, Andie, Kristy and Paige to keep motivated…most exercise minutes wins a $50 iTunes card.

And Jacey…she is so hard to buy for. There are many things she likes but she just doesn’t get too excited about any of it. She has been asking CONSTANTLY for an iPod though. She uses my old MP3 player right now that she snagged from Bryan but one of these days, he probably would like to use it himself (since I won’t share my ipods…LOL). So, when we saw this, Bryan snagged it immediately.


It was only $79.99 for the whole package and the iPod shuffles are $79.99 alone. And it is pink to boot, her favorite color. Now birthday is taken care of….next is Christmas. I know a Nintendo DS is on the list for her but I am lost as to what else. Any suggestions?!?


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