the Air Force.

I know, I entitled this post, the Air Force but I will get to that in a minute.

This week has been rough. I’ve been having a hard time with my meds, but I woke up on Monday morning feeling great so I thought it was over. Definitely not the case. I upped my dosage by 20mg Monday night as specified and woke up feeling horrendous Tuesday morning. The tingling, disconnected (or discombobulated as Bryan puts it) and utterly exhausted feeling was back. Needless to say I didn’t go to work Tuesday or today. Tuesday I ended up sleeping until about 3:30pm before feeling somewhat functional and today it was until noon-ish. I still feel *off* but I HAVE to go into work tomorrow. Thursday is our final day of the week for Sunday prep, so pray I feel okay in the morning.

And the Air Force. You know that old adage Air Force logic…well, it doesn’t exist. Ever. Anywhere.

Bry’s shop wouldn’t put him on days until we got a letter from my doctor. Mind you, they knew from the get go, even BEFORE he was moved to that section that he needed days to help me stay well. Of course, they put him on swings…then finally he went to days but the *catch* was only for 2 months. Not even 6 weeks later, back to swings. So, I pushed my doc some more and he finally gave me the letter. Bry took it in and show his supervisor and then took it over to his shirt so he’d be in the loop. Now, the logical solution, would be to just move him to days, right?! No, even though they are short on engine troops to begin with (hence why they pulled him out of support to go back out on the line) the are moving him over to debrief. Supposedly they need someone over there with computer smarts but I am not buying that. I just think no one on the flightline wants to *deal* with me. Oh well, we are both trying to look at debrief as a blessing in disguise. The hours will be great and Bry said the supervisor over there seemed like a really good person too.

Air Force logic though…ha!

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