Bryan made it to Vegas yesterday, safe and sound…his new home for the next 3.5 weeks. Gotta love Red Flag…I had always heard stories about it but now we get to firsthand experience it. Thus far I am less than thrilled BUT, I’d take this any day over a deployment.

Jacey is taking Bryan’s absence pretty well, although he technically hasn’t even been gone 24 hours yet. She went with us to drop him off at the airport and then I took her to school. When I picked her up off the bus, the first words out of her mouth were “I miss Daddy”. I had to laugh because she hadn’t been away from him anymore than ever while she is at school. I guess just knowing he was gone was enough for her.

Yesterday for me on the other hand, was rough. I was just out of sorts all day long….not really sad, just spacey. I probably shouldn’t have been at work as I couldn’t concentrate but, I am thankful to have a job this time around, to make the time go by faster and distract me somewhat. It doesn’t help though that I have been mildly cycling for a little over a month now. A few days ago, I was excited for the break and then yesterday, that *ugh* feeling. I do have an appointment next week though, so no one panic…I’m not going off the deep end…yet =-).

Anywho, I need to get off of here and get dressed for work. Today will be a better day! And with that, I will close with this…

Project 365: Day 25

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  1. Hang in there while Bryan is gone. I hope that you can avoid getting sick and that Jacey is feeling better soon. HUGS

  2. Sorry haven’t popped in for a bit. I upgraded my flash player, and now whenever I go to a site with something flash running. (like flickr boxes) my browser crashes. A system restore didn’t fix it either. >:-(

    I caved and opened up Internet Explorer just so I could check in on you. So feel special.

    3.5 weeks will fly by.

  3. Sorry that you are minus one hubby right now but remember absence makes the heart grow fonder and that I am here is you need a shoulder!!!

    HUGS to you and Jacey!!


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