August in review

I’m so late on the end of month review this month, that I was beginning to wonder if I shouldn’t just wait a few more days and combine it with October’s update.

August has been so busy, we often don’t know if we are coming or going! Jacey started school, choir, gymnastics and cheerleading this month, Bryan started training at the church to be an audio/visual volunteer and I went back to work outside of the home for the first time in a LONG time.

Jacey is loving school and we finally agreed to letting her ride the bus which she enjoys immensely. Gymnastics is going good although I think she spends half the time checking out the boys. Are they supposed to be boy crazy THIS early:-)? She is enjoying cheerleading and they had their first actual *game* this past Saturday. These girls are adorable and hilarious at the same time. I added a video clip that I took of them cheering to the website if you care to check it out. Choir is going good as well, perfect for Jacey as she LOVES to sing CONSTANTLY! They have their first performance at two of the services at church this Sunday. I am going to try to get a movie clip of it, so keep your eyes open on the website for that.

Bryan is doing good, still waiting to hear if he got the AFREP (I *think* I have that acronym right) job or not. As is the usual in the military, it is hurry up and wait. Otherwise, he is just staying busy with work, a/v training and running here and there for Jacey’s activities (while he has always been extremely helpful and a great dad, he is getting more of a taste of my days since I can’t do it all anymore:-).

I am doing great! I got picked for the job that I mentioned last month and started work on August 14th. I absolutely love my job. I work under the music/creative arts/audio/visual ministry which is right up my alley and the people I work with are great. I am just part-time right now which is wonderful…allows us to ease into me working but allows us a bit of extra fun money. I also enjoy having something for me again. While being a SAHM has its perks and is rewarding, I have always been extremely independent and I had felt like I lost part of my identity. Jacey has adjusted well to it and that was one of my biggest worries.

Anyhow, I’d better get off of here. I have a few things to get accomplished before leaving for work and I won’t have time tonight. Wednesday’s are hectic around here. Bryan works till 3pm usually (me till 5pm, I don’t even leave the church after work) and then gets Jacey off the bus at 3:45pm. By 4:30pm, they have to be on the road to the church where we have dinner at 5:00pm and then at 6:00pm, Bryan has Bible study, I lead a small group and Jacey has choir…we don’t see the house till 8:00pm and then it is immediate bath and bed for Jacey. Craziness, I tell you.

Of course, there are new pics and such on the website if you care to check them out – see the what’s new page for updates . I also added a new feature where you can comment on the pictures in the photo gallery. Just scroll down below the picture you want to comment on and a text box should appear.

We hope this finds you all happy and healthy!


Lacey, Bryan and Jacey

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