July in review

Where did July go, was it even here? I remember as a kid, time always seemed to drag…school was un-ending, summer, birthday and Christmas, they could never get here fast enough but, now time seems to go so fast that I am unable to truly get a bearing on things. I am sure many of you wonder along with me, where is the downtime?

July started with swim lessons for Jacey and a 4 day weekend for Bryan. We went to Niceville for their 4th of July celebration and got a bit homesick for England if you can believe that! Jacey also continued gymnastics during the first two weeks of July till we left for vacation.

On the 12th, Jacey had her first *official* school physical and all is well with the munchkin. She is definitely still that though, a munchkin weighing in at 32lbs and 41.375in tall.

On the 16th, we officially joined our church and converted to Methodism. We have been going to church here since Dec/Jan and absolutely love it.

On the 17th, we headed out to Orlando for vacation at Walt Disney World. Jacey was beside herself with excitement. We stayed at the military resort on WDW property so all the parks and amenities were easily accessible. We went to Epcot, Downtown Disney and Animal Kingdom although I think Jacey could have simply spent all her time in the resort pool and had just as much fun. While there, we discovered that Jacey can now swim by herself. It totally amazes us because, this is the child that a year ago when we moved here, would scream when you put her in the pool. We ended up heading home from vacation a day early because it was just so blasted hot in Orlando. We still have a day left on our park passes, so we plan to head back either in December or January when the temperatures will be a bit more bearable.

Once back, the very next week Jacey started a week long British soccer camp which she loved. It was hot for that too, but nothing was stopping her, she was having so much fun. Even a bee sting didn’t deter her, instead she just got nicknamed “Bumblebee Jacey” and went about her way. I could definitely tell she enjoyed this so much more than baseball this past spring so I do believe we are going to skip out on baseball and play soccer instead.

The rest of the month was spent school shopping and spending time at the pool. where Jacey can now jump off the diving board and swim to the side with no help (if it will ever stop raining, I will get a video clip of that…instead, there is a short clip of her swimming on the website).

Bryan got spoiled this past month with lots of time off. First it was a 4 day weekend for July 4th and then 2 weeks of leave. He really enjoyed getting to spend time with us and see Jacey participate in her activities. It is back to the grindstone now though, especially since they are dealing with end of the fiscal year finance stuff. Bryan had looked into starting college again this month but things are just so hectic right now at home and work that he is waiting until the October session starts up and will probably begin with speech first, since his previous speech class didn’t transfer over.

I stay busy keeping up with Jacey most days but did recently apply for a position at our church. I wasn’t specifically looking for a job but this one just seemed to fall from the sky. It sounds like a great opportunity for me and yet flexible as well. We shall see, I turned in my resume last week and my salary expectation on Monday, I will be interviewing either on the 10th or the 14th, so keep me in your thoughts.

Otherwise, things here are good. August is just as busy but, I have become so accustomed to it, I might be bored without it:-). Jacey started fall gymnastics on the 1st, school on the 7th (pictures attached), children’s choir on the 9th and cheerleading starts on the 14th. Bryan and I started a new Sunday school class this past weekend and new Bible study classes on the 9th as well. Never a dull moment:-)

I must wrap this up or I will never get it sent. My reminder was set for 5 days ago…shows how well that worked:-). As always, you can get new pictures here http://www.digital-drama.com/ (which is currently updating, so it will be a minute) and new updates here https://www.buchorn.com/ .


Bryan, Lacey and Jacey

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