{7 years}

As per the norm here lately, I am running late. Oh well. Such is life.


Bryan and I celebrated 7 years of marriage on Monday. Can you believe it, 7 years ago, certain little birdies told us we would never make it. Sure, it hasn’t been easy, I am extremely moody and difficult to live with and him..well, he is just a big kid. But, I love him to death and ultimately, that is what matters. We had agreed not to do gifts this year since we had just bought me to laptop and went to Disney for vacation. He came home with this for me that day though….aww, isn’t he a keeper:-).

DSC02860 (Custom)

Then the next day, he took me and got me a WACOM (tablet) that I have been eyeing! Am I spoiled or what:-)
DSC02883 (Custom)

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  1. CONGRATS girl! Nobody thought Chris and I would make it either…15 years later we’re stronger than ever ;)
    Yes you are spoiled but you DESERVE it girl


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