Story of me

From Paula…

Part 1: Birth

Were you a planned baby? ummm…nope
Were you the first?: Yes
Who was present at your birth?: I have no clue…I think just my Mom and staff
Were your parents married when you were born?: born, yes
What is your birthdate?: October 29, 1979
Part 2: The Family

How would you describe your family?: huge with quite a bit of drama
Are your parents married? no, they divorced when I was 3
Siblings or an only child?: 1 younger brother
If you have siblings are you oldest, middle, or youngest?: Oldest
What are your siblings names: Cole
Which parent do you get along with best?: I don’t speak to my sperm donor, my dad passed away last year and my Mom and I get along wonderfully sometimes and not at all others
What do you fight about?: we don’t outright fight, more like disagreements
Do you have step parents? not anymore
Part 3: The Friends

Do you have more than one best friend?: yes, but only 2….my husband and my sis, Paula
What do you like to do when you are together?: just hang out and enjoy each others company…we don’t have to have any grand affair going on
Do you share the same interests?: some, we are alike in some ways and very different in others but respect our differences and embrace them:-)
Which friend can you tell anything to?: Paula

Part 4: Your Personality

How high/low is your self esteem?: lower than it should be
Do you get depressed about things easily?: yes
Are you an extrovert or an introvert?: Introvert
Are you happy?: most times yes…I am strugling a bit right now
Do you live life to the fullest?: no, I am very guilty of not doing that

Part 5: Appearance

Are you comfortable with the way you look?: from the chest up, yes, chest down, no
What would you change about your appearance if you could? my weight
Do you have any piercing besides your ears?: tongue and former navel
Describe your hair?: short blonde bob..remind me again WHY in the heck I cut it
How do you dress?: casual and comfy
Part 6: The Past

Were you a strange child? I don’t think so….LOL!
What did you use to love that you no longer do? go rollerskating
Do you have the same friends?: a few
Was there anything in your past that was traumatizing? umm yeah, most of my past was tramutizing on one level or another BUT it is what made me who I am today and most days I am happy with myself
Part 7: The Future

What is your ambition?: to lose this excess weight and raise Jacey to be a respectable young lady
Are you scared of growing old?: no
Do you want to get married?: already am
Part 8: The Outdoors

Do you prefer indoors or outdoors?: indoors unless I am laying on the sand listening to the waves
What is your favourite season? summer
Do you like walking in the rain? yes
Part 9: Food

Are you a vegetarian?: no but I very easily could be
What is your favourite food?: spinach enchiladas
What food makes you want to gag? raw meat
What is your favourite dessert?: strawberries and whipped cream
What is your favourite restaurant? Joey Tomato’s
Are you a fussy eater? not really
Part 10: Relationships and Love

Are you single or taken?: taken
Do you think love is the best feeling in the world?: definitely one of
Do you believe in love at first sight?: no
Do you think you’re in love currently? I know I am

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  1. These quizzie things were long weren’t they. I am glad that you read mine off my blog (after I posted 2 of them I was afraid I would scare everyone off).

    I love love love you new banner!! It looks so AWESOME!! You did a great job with it! :)


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