May and June in review

Wow, I cannot believe that it is already the end of June. Goodness, where has this year gone? Things here are hopping as usual. I thought that life would slow down a bit during summer but that hasn’t been the case.

May saw the end of Jacey’s preschool and her t-ball season which she enjoyed immensely. Bryan also had a lot of fun coaching but was glad to see it end, 15 4 year olds definitely kept him on his toes. Jacey also had an end of season sports festival at gymnastics where she got to show off all that she had learned throughout the year (there is a video on teh website if anyone cares to see). Bryan’s mom Donna and my mom and brother also visited us in May. We really enjoyed getting to see family and Jacey, of course, enjoyed getting spoiled:-)

June has been busy too! Jacey had a week of vacation Bible school as well as continued weekly gymnastics classes. Bryan stays swamped at work as is the norm but he either isn’t as stressed as in the past or has gotten really good at hiding it. I am doing okay as well. My moods have been a little haywire here lately but we are managing. I have a good therapist and an awesome husband that keep an eye out for me. June also brought a few visitors too. My sis (best friend) Paula and her daughter came for a few days and we were thrilled to see them. I hadn’t seen her since Jacey was a few weeks old due to military life and it was awesome getting to catch up and spend some time together. Bryan’s mom Colleen and Nana also came up for a few days and we had a wonderful visit with them as well. Jacey has really gotten spoiled to having so much family around these last two months that she is not going to know how to act without it!

July is set to be even busier than May and June it seems! Jacey has swim lessons, gymnastics and soccer camp before finally getting a 1 week break before school starts. We also head to Orlando to spend almost week for vacation. We managed to get a room at the military resort on Disneyworld property so we are spending 3 days at Disney and 1 day at Sea World. Bryan and Jacey are absolutely thrilled about it…I just keep thinking about how blasted hot it is in south Florida in July. They’re worth it though! We even managed to get a Princess character breakfast booked which will be a surprise to jacey…I can’t wait to see the look on her face!

As always, the website stays updated with new pictures and sometime new movie clips if anyone is intrested . I also have a blog that I update *almost* daily if you are interested in reading my recent ramblngs .

We hope to hear from you all soon!


Lacey, Bryan & Jacey

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