Do you ever have those weekend that you wonder what happened? I STILL needed to clean house and run to the grocery store but it didn’t happen. Instead, Friday we had Jacey’s VBS celebration program (video clip on website) and then Saturday we hit the Target in FWB and the one in Destin in search of a pair of shorts for my vertically challenged self. I guess I didn’t realize that finding shorts for a plus sized person would be this difficult. A few weeks back I found a pair I absolutely love at Target, hence the repeat trips. I knew I should have gotten 2 pairs then but didn’t want to spend the money. Of course now, they didn’t have my size. So we headed to the mall, Wal-Mart, etc with no luck. Sure, I found shorts but none that were short enough (no, I am not talking hoochie mama short but on a 5’2″ person, normal shorts are knee length or below…no thanks). Went home empty handed and bummed. Took the laptop out to the patio so I could search online while jacey played in the pool. Finally found a pair that I thought would work but they were $54…ouch. Decided I would wait and good thing I did. I managed to get the bright idea to call the Target in Pensacola. Even after driving there, the shorts wouldn’t as much as the ones I found online. Called Sunday morning and they actually had 2 pair…woohoooo!! We got them to hold them and headed over. I also picked up a new shirt and 2 new bras…ahhh, the girls are back where they belong now:-)

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  1. Glad you found some!! I hate buying shorts — they are always too long or too short or now too embellished!! (like I want to draw more attention down that way)

    How is the weather down there? Not getting washed away are you? :)


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