blog challenge week 1 & 2

Decided to join in another blog challenge. It originated at but since I don’t have time to join another MB, I am going to bum the prompts off of Jen, Kim and Bonni. Since I am behind as usual, I will have to do challenge 1 and 2 now.

Challenge #1


  • favorite color: red
  • word I most liked to be described as: trustworthy
  • best meal I cook: baked ziti
  • favorite dessert: triple chocolate fudge cake & strawberries and cool whip
  • favorite book: all-time Charlotte’s Web
  • favorite outfit: jean shorts & a t-shirt
  • usually in bed by: 1:30am
  • favorite sounds: utter silence
  • I wish: I could lose some of this excess weight and keep it off
  • What I crave: life free of drama
  • Surround me with: crashing waves and a breeze

Challenge #2

The challenge today is to list 3 obscure things about yourself. These are 3 things that people don’t know about you and wouldn’t know unless you told them. These can be old things or these can be current things.

1. I was Little Miss Cowgirl in Victoria County in 1985.

2. My childhood best friend Courtenay and I used to write and sing our own songs and planned to put on a production one day (even though neither one of us could truly carry a tune).

3. I have worn a toe ring for so long that when I take it off, my toe is literally deformed.


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