everything AND the kitchen sink (LONG post)

So it’s been a while, eh? I have been crazy busy. Seems my life never slows down and my mind is going 90 to nothing with it. So, be prepared…this is likely to be a VERY long post because I have lots on my mind but as fast as my thoughts are moving here lately, it may not make much sense…LOL! Hmm….wonder if I am going manic?!?

  • Jobs – Don’t remember if I have updated on this recently or not. Bryan and I decided I was going to quit looking for a job right now. What I was wanting out of a job is not the pay, but the sense of accomplishment and purpose. I can get all that with volunteering…so, I am going to start volunteering either on base or at the church when Jacey starts school full-time this fall. Then in October, when our last big bill other than car payment is paid off, I am going to start taking some online classes. Sounds like a god plan…right:-) Of course, wouldn’t you know it though…after I decided to quit looking for a job, I got 8 calls for prospective positions….LOL!
  • Green thumb – I think my green thumb that I lost in the UK is finally coming back:-) My periwinkles, roses and crepe myrtles looks awesome and I actually have tomatoes growing! Now if I could just knock all that stupid dollar weed out of my grass and I’d be happy!

  • Bloglines – Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE this service!! Now I can go to one place and read all my friends blogs, news feeds, weather feeds and whatever else *feeds* my fancy:-) I even have the Firefox plug-in so I never have to guess when I have new updates!
  • Mother’s Day – So I had a TOTAL blank on what to get the Mom’s for Mother’s Day. It’s not like it could be easy…LOL…we have 3 moms and 3 grandmother’s left. I don’t normally buy for the grandmother’s but do for the Mom’s. I finally found these…Cottage Mills Pix Pens. I cheated and edited my most favorite recent layout to fit and then made a card. I hope they like it…it isn’t much, but what do you buy 3 women who need absolutely nothing?!?!

Card credits – Peppermint Creative To My Mother kit

  • Politics – Ah, politics and religion in one post…bad news?!?! LOL! Not really:-) Anyone heard the Dixie Chick’s new song “Not Ready to Make Nice”?? I absolutely LOVE this song (not too sure about the video but anyway). I know what it is about, blah, blah, blah, they don’t like the man, they aren’t sorry, freedom of speech, ruffled feathers…it just hits so close to home for me. I feel like I am singing the song about my life…is this a good or bad thing, I’m not sure yet. Reagrdless, I think the song kicks butt and I can’t wait to hear more off of their new album. Supposedly there is a song on it about an infertility battle too…wonder if I should listen to that one or not?!?! Just have kleenex ready…right?
  • My Dad – Last but not least, my Dad. Bryan had to get a new cell phone because his was acting wonky here lately. So, when we were clearing all of his stuff off the old one we found this picture. This is from when they came to visit us last August. This was less than a month before his death and he was still full of smiles and being the goofy guy that won my heart and the title Dad. Not step-dad but DAD! I sure do miss him:-(

*Please ignore any spelling errors…I was too tired to fight the formatting issues I always have when I use blogger’s spell check function.*

3 Responses

  1. I haven’t heard that song yet but will have to check out iTunes and see if I can find it!

    I hear you about the religion thing. I am catholic and I loved my hometown church but everytime we move I have trouble finding the right fit for me.

  2. WOW! That was a mouthful! So glad to hear all these wonderful things from you! It appears that Florida suits you and your family well! We miss you! Hugs!


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