digi top ten – week 1

So I happened upon this while browsing some digiscrappin’ blogs…thought is was a really cool idea and I plan to participate:-)

Digi Top Ten

Top 10 of my worst habits or things I would change about myself.

1. I spend WAY too much time on the internet.

2. I drive agressively. While I consider myself a safe driver, I am not sure just how much longer I can keep that outlook living here.

3. I am MOODY beyond belief.

4. I am obbsessive complusive…honestly.

5. I am an EXTREME minimalist.

6. Although I HOARD scrapbooking supplies like crazy, both paper and digital.

7. I HATE excercise.

8. I LOVE good southern comfort food (and my butt shows it).

9. I critisize myself and my abilities way too much.

10. I am very queit till I get to know you…it’s not that I don’t care or am stuck up but it often times comes across like that.

Top 10 things I would *not* change about myself.

1. My intelligence.

2. How my eyes go virtually non-existant when I smile.

3. My life choices and experiences…although not all have been wonderful, ALL have taught me immense lesons.

4. Having Jacey…I never really wanted kids but wouldn’t trade her for the world!

5. My husband…he is the best thing God presented me with at that very moment and continues to be one of the best things in my life today.

6. My take no crap attitude.

7. My creativity.

8. Being bipolar…as odd as that may sound, it has taught me lots and does have some benefits (being extremely productive and creative when manic is one).

9. My faith in God.

10. My toes, I think they are cute :-)

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