and so it starts…

T-ball season officially starts for Jacey on Monday. We had a meeting with the sports director of the “Y” last week, since Bryan is coaching Jacey’s team and I am the “Team Mom”…huh…me?!?! Do I have that instinct in me?? LOL!

There are 14 kids on the team and we will have 2 practices a week for 2 weeks and then 2 games a week for 4 weeks ending by the end of May. Short season but I think at this age, that is for the best. I mean, 4 year olds only have so much attention span.

Bryan and Jacey are just so cute about the whole experience though, they are SO excited!

We went last week and bought Jacey a glove, bat, some balls and a tee. She of course, had to have a pink bat…she wanted the pink glove too but they didn’t make it in a 9.5, only a 10 and that is WAY too big for her hand. She also wanted the pink helmet but I am not sure yet if we are going to buy it. I was going to track down some itty bitty cleats but decided against it. I’d probably spend $25 for a few weeks and after seeing the field, I don’t truly think they would be of much benefit. Bryan did take her bat to work though and etched her name into it…Jacey loved it!

Of course, since they couldn’t play the night we got home from the store because it was already dark, they took the tee out to the field next to our house and practiced the very next day. We can’t figure out yet though if Jacey is going to bat left-handed or right-handed. She writes right-handed but golf’s left-handed, so we shall see. My mom is the same way though, so the concept isn’t all to odd in my family:-)

3 Responses

  1. Too cute! I am so excited for you and her!!

    Have a blast TEAM MOM and I am sure you will have tons of pictures to share with us each week!!

  2. OMG’sh tooooo cute! She’s adorable and I think it’s great that Bryan is the coach, makes it fun for booth of them ;) LMAO@ you being the team “mom” though…


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