clean, clean, clean…and radioactive key lime pie

It’s that time of year again..we have been spring cleaning fools. It is amazing how much stuff 3 people can accumulate, especially considering I am an extreme minimalist (or so I thought:-). We still have to tackle the storage room tomorrow but I have already thrown away 2 garbage bags full of stuff, have 2 huge bags of stuff to freecycle and 3 boxes of stuff to sell…oy! I already listed a few things on eBay and listed a few more on some local garage sale lists.

I was also fairly productive today in the kitchen. Bryan grilled burgers and weeners and I made sweet potato fries and pasta salad to go with them. I also made a key lime pie that turned out to be radioactive green. Bryan and Jacey got a big kick out of it..ah, at least it tasted good!

Anywho, I am about to head to bed…it has been a LONG day. I also updated the website if you want to take a peek. I was quite dismayed though to see that I have only been taking a handful of pictures here lately..must get back in my picture taking groove. I have new lenses for my camera coming in on Tuesday though, so hopefully having new toys will help:-)

I gave in to the recent challenge I have seen EVERYWHERE it seems…to take a self portrait. I don’t love it but at least I don’t hate it!

5 Responses

  1. I love your self portrait! You look beautiful!!

    The pie is pretty radioactive looking. Hope it still tasted yummy — I love key lime pie!!


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