Healthy Me Challenge

Well, I guess you could say my New Year’s resolution is to get healthy…no, I am not setting any weight goals or clothing size goals, it is too easy to get overwhelmed with that number that never seems to get here or get too focused on that number and mentally wear yourself down.

I am however, setting these expectations of myself…

  • eat out less
  • make healtier choices when we do eat out
  • no more regular soft drinks
  • MORE water
  • excersise at least 3 times a week (walking, running, gazelle, swimming, weights, trampoline, whatever)
  • start a running prgram with Bryan
  • complete the Body Challenge 2006

I need to get healthly though for Bryan and Jacey, but most of all myself. I am at my heaviest weight EVER and I have had too many people in my life pass due to weight related complications. I am not ready to give up on living yet!

I will need your help though…please, keep me accountable!

4 Responses

  1. That is a great goal! It is basically what I am doing. Watching what I eat. Exercising more. That sort of thing! Hoping to get into a more regular exercise routine when Connor starts school next week!

  2. Hey I am right there with you too!!! I am not really a soda drinker and when I do it is normally already diet and caffine free but I need to learn to steer clear of sweets, they are my biggest downfall!!

  3. Lacey, we already know you can do it… cuz we witnessed your amazing transformation here, and you are such an inspiration. After you moved to Vegas, I finally lost 25 lbs — not thinking I could, but now have gained back 8. I have a sweet tooth addiction to sugar! I don’t know if I stress-eat or eat for comfort or what. Making healthy choices is especially hard during the holidays, but… let’s enjoy in healthy moderation and keep our eyes on the goal. Keep boldly sharing your vulnerable journey with leukemia and most of all… your faith, your family and l-i-f-e, even with the ups and downs.


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