a couple of quizzes…

Quiz #1: LifeName and age: Lacey – 26
Today’s date and time: 12/8 – 8:25PM

1. Inside, I feel like I’m (what age): about 90
2. A goal I’m working on right now: improving my self esteem and staying out of the drama that always seems to surround me
3. My most recent achievement: I got all 111 Christmas cards done and mailed out
4. That last gift I bought for someone: several, it is Christmastime..can’t share though, Bryan reads my blog:-)
5. The last CD I bought: ?? no clue, I usually download stuff from itunes….there is a CD in my stocking though
6. My current favorite song: Look What You’ve Done – Jet
7. The last movie I saw in the theater: Chicken Little
8. The last book I read: An Unquiet Mind
9. The last new thing I learned: that my pychologist is crazier than I am
10. What I’m wearing right now: t-shirt and pajama pants
11. The last person I talked to on the phone: Bryan
12. What I ate for breakfast today: nothing…drank a glass of chocolate milk though
13. What I thought I’d be doing by this age: running my own pediatrics practice
14. Something I’m saving up for right now: a cruise
15. Someone I think about a lot: my Dad
16. The last person I helped: I have no clue
17. The last thing I apologized for: being a grouch
18. Something I’m worried about: getting back in debt
19. What I wish for when I see a shooting star: true happiness
20. What my plans are for the rest of this day: shower, movie and foot massage

Quiz 2 – Childhood

Name and birthdate: Lacey – 10/29-79

1. I was most afraid of: snakes
2. My favorite movie: Sound of Music
3. My favorite book: Charlotte’s Web
4. My best friend: Courtenay
5. My first crush: Marcus
6. What I used to think I would name my kids: Whitney
7. Games I used to play: Tetris, Hi-Ho Cherry-O, Skip-Bo
8. My favorite toy: Barbies
9. I thought I was fat as a child, but looking back I really wasn’t
10. I didn’t think I was popular as a child, but looking back I probably was
11. Something I did and I never got caught ???
12. Something my mom thought I’d never grow out of lying (but I definitely did).
13. My favorite song: Locomotion
14. How many houses I lived in: 15 I think
15. My earliest memory: going out on the boat and riding the hydraslide with my biological father
16. Something I did that I still get teased about: having such a dep Texas accent
17. My favorite outfit from childhood: my denim mini-skirt, a shirt and my penny loafers (with an actual penny in them)
18. Something I wish I could go back and change: being so rebellious in HS
19. I was ridiculously old when I finally realized that: ???
20. My greatest achievements: ???

2 Responses

  1. 111 christmas cards — YOU THE WOMAN. I made 6 this year. :)

    And BTW — the last person you helped was me, your post on my blog made me very happy when I needed to see a friend! :)


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