Okay, so I have been making photo DVDs for family for Christmas. Not sure why, but they have been giving me fits. I have had to redo the DVD 4 times for misc things not working and had to redo the DVD label 3 times to get it centered and looking right. Finally got them all made, double checked and wrapped them last night. This morning, I go to back up the iso and the file is named “our year in pitures”…anyone see an issue with that?!?! I PRAYED that it was just a typo when I saved it….nope, every DVD has the title screen spelled wrong. Bryan and I both looked at every one of these yesterday…how does this stuff happen:-)? Of course, this means I have to redo everyone of these. I am laughing about it now…even called Bryan and had a laugh but was a tad bit frustrated a while ago…LOL!

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  1. I feel your pain… sucks that you can’t just change it on the DVD but have to reburn them all.

    PS. If it were my family, they would get the misspelled one and laugh about it because everyone in my family knows that I am a HORRIBLE speller. :)


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