I’m going…

…to see Bryan! I’m going to see Bryan! Originally, it was not in the plans for me to go see Bryan during this TDY. In between the PCS, me finishing up at work, school, etc compiled with the fact that Bryan wasn’t supposed to have a rental car, we briefly mentioned it and then dropped […]


military wife.

I  have come to the conclusion that I am not a very good military wife. No, it has not taken me almost 11 years to figure it out, but I started thinking about it again today. I have never and will probably never understand how an entity as big as the United States military can’t […]


Tuesday Tidbits

Today was a not so great day. Started off great, but let’s just say boiled eggs are no longer my friend. Headed to work, my boiled egg breakfast in hand. Started working and eating my egg which resulted in me not paying attention to my bite sizes or how well I was chewing. Stuck, big […]