a couple

12 years ago today, was the beginning of us.

Our first date.

To Applebee’s of all places.

When we were done, he actually asked for permission to kiss me goodnight unlike certain others.

It was from that moment, that he had me.


He left for basic 3.5 months later, proposed 2 months after that during basic graduation weekend and we were married 3 weeks later on July 31, 1999.

6.5 months from first date till marriage.

Everyone said we’d never make it.

To them, I say….ppppfffttt ;).


2 Responses

  1. Aww! This year is 12 for us too, wow! (Although we have you beat. Jeremy proposed 9 days after our first date, and we got married about 6 weeks later. Lol!)

  2. I decided a long time ago that the length of dating/courtship doesn’t promise anything. Communication, compromise, faith, love and a whole list of other things are what make a difference. Tim and I met March 27, 1999, legall married one year and 3 days later and the wedding was another 8 mths later, most people ASSUME without doing the Math that it was because of Connor. Had nothing to do with Connor. He wasn’t born till Oct 2001. People said it won’t last. Tim is too young, it is too fast, and the list goes on, but here was are almost 12 yrs later still married, and almost 13 yrs later since we met. Still going strong. Is it perfect? Nothing ever is. Are we happy? Yes. Do we love each other? Yes. That is what matters.

    Hugs and congrats!


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