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2017 was a challenging year for our family. Many days were full of doctor’s appointments and hours on the road getting to and from. Lot’s of paperwork to convince the Air Force to move us and then the move itself. We persevered though and made it to 2018. Hallelujah!

On a personal level, 2017 was amazing! Sure, there was that little hiccup, finding out my cancer is back, but hey, speed bumps are a part of life.

In 2017, I lost weight. A lot of weight and took control of my obesity.

I smashed my 500 mile goal and instead ran 620 miles total!

#laceyruns2017 from Lacey Buchorn on Vimeo.
I stepped outside my comfort zone, ran an obstacle course race and entered the box (crossfit).

I fell hard for trail running. It beat me up, took some blood and spit me back out, but I kept going back.

I ran 13 races. 3 half marathons, 2 10K’s, 4 5K’s, 1 4 mile trail race, 1 OCR and 2 virtual races.

I was picked up to represent 4 amazing brands.

I went back to Vegas for my redemption race and showed cancer that it would.not.win.

2017, was a year I learned that I was, in fact, a runner.

2017, taught me many lessons to ready me for 2018. And you know what, I am ready.

I am ready to tackle something even bigger.

In 2018, I am running my very first ultramarathon. In May, I am running the Wildflower Trail Run 50K.

31 miles. And I am going to conquer it.

Thank you for being a part of my 2017 journey and giving me constant encouragement to keep dreaming bigger!

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