New Mexico | 1 Year Later

Today is a monumental day.


We have survived 1 entire year here in New Mexico, Land of “Entrapment”. ;-)

18 years of doing this thing we call military life and this PCS has been the hardest. I am not going to lie. Or sugarcoat.

None of us were excited to move here, but when Uncle Sam pays your bills, you go where he says to go.

This year has been hard. We live literally in the middle of nowhere. Both Bryan and I have insane commutes. Jacey was diagnosed with Wilson disease. It’s hot. And humid (compared to Vegas). And the wind. OMG. I thought it was windy in Vegas and I was delusional.

But, it hasn’t all been bad. Jacey has a good school and a fantastic group of friends. Bryan’s schedule has allowed him to go back to college. The post spouse group is open and inviting. And fun. We added 2 furry family members. Through running, we’ve found waterfalls in the desert. We’ve adopted a love for green chile. And the sunsets. Ah-mazing.

There are definitely some days that are better than others, but we will persevere for as long as we are planted here. I mean, after all, that’s what we do best.





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