Tuesday Tidbits

  • Our household finally got some good news recently! It looks like Bryan will be moving to a new job in the group (squadron—>group–>wing–>etc) very soon! He is super excited about it and I am excited about the lower chance of 0315 shows. Those sure are fun when you live 45 minutes away! I’m not 100% sure I understand what he will be doing yet, but he will be working directly with AETC, that I did pay attention to. ;-)
  • Well, it is official, Jacey has Wilson Disease. The results from her gene test came back last week and we met with the doc to get her game plan ironed out. A chelating agent to start plus monthly labs and diet changes. Once her levels are back in normal ranges, she will move to a lifetime of high dose zinc, regular labs, and low copper diet. She’s a trooper, I know I wouldn’t be handling it as well, if I was told I couldn’t eat almost all of my favorite foods anymore….including chocolate!

  • Many of you know, that I have been busting my @ss recently to get some weight off. Well, I finally hit one HUGE goal….I weigh less than Bryan again! I’m sure some of you think I am crazy, but for me, weighing more than my husband was a huge hit to my self-confidence. Not anymore! I’m still technically “obese”, but I am so much more comfortable in my skin. Twenty-nine-ish more pounds to my goal (which by those stupid BMI charts is STILL considered “overweight”).

  • You know, I am not sure what I would do without Bryan. New Mexico has been VERY, VERY hard for me. I’m not adapting well and in turn, it affects my attitude. Frankly, I can barely put up with myself, I have absolutely no clue how he puts up with me. But, I am thankful he does. He definitely holds more grace than I do.

  • Beware of TMI: During half marathon training, Saturday’s are typically my long run days. This past weekend, was 6 miles. Lately, I have been having poop issues, so I have been taking probiotics daily and miralax every so often as needed. Well, my body finally decided to cooperate Saturday. At. The. Worst. Possible. Moment. At mile 4, there was no controlling it. Made it to mile 5 and a convenience store bathroom. Got cleaned up the best I could, threw anything away I could and kept on to the car at mile 6. Mortified does not even remotely describe what I was feeling. I have NEVER not been able to control that. So does this make me a hardcore runner now? LOL! At least I can laugh about it. Now.

  • Jacey is involved in a student organization, called HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America) and was chosen to go to the New Mexico State Conference, later this month. She will be competing in the medical math and physical therapy competitions, with hopes of making it to the national conference in Orlando. No matter how it turns out, we are super proud of her and all her accomplishments, as only a freshman!


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