foodie review: Pink Box Donuts | Las Vegas, NV

If you have never ventured away from plain, old boring glazed donuts, you are definitely missing out!


I was super excited to see that they were opening up our beloved Pink Box Donuts in our neighborhood instead of having to trek down to the Lake Mead location.

Even then, it took us this long to go in (life is crazy). They were running a little low on selection but did let us know that another shipment  (from the Lake Mead store where they bake them) was on its way. Thankfully, they had some of our favs, so we were good.

I LOVE the key lime pie and whipped cream filled. The key lime is a glazed donut with key lime filling and whipped cream and more key lime filling on top. The taste is divine. Rich, but not too rich and is perfect for me, since I love key lime pie but dislike graham cracker crusts. The whipped cream filled is a standard donut, filled with whipped cream and dipped in coarse sugar on top. Light, fluffy perfection. Vanilla sugar and the sweet potato are fantastic selections as well.

Same great products and same great service as the Lake Mead store. No doubt, we will be back!



Pink Box Donuts

7155 Grand Montecito Pkwy (inside Fabulous Freddy’s – this location has a drive-thru)
Las Vegas, NV 89149
(702) 478-7465

24 hours (soon, if not already)


7531 W Lake Mead Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89128
(702) 478-7465

Mon-Thurs 6am – 5pm
Fri 6am – Sun 5pm (24+ hours)


Henderson location coming soon!

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