a Daddy & his little girl


These two and their relationship make my heart melt. They are two peas in a pod and Bryan was hooked from the moment we got the positive pregnancy test.

Bryan is a fantastic Daddy.

Most importantly, he loves me. He is showing her what she deserves out of a relationship and what unconditional love is (because I sure don’t make it easy).

He opens doors for her. He is affectionate, encouraging, firm, but fun and shows her she matters. He makes every sacrifice he can to be at things that are important to her. He still tucks her in at night, every night that he is home even 12 years later. He geeks out with her, but he also helps flat iron her hair and paints her nails. He’s not afraid of losing his “man card”, because even if society thinks so, she’s worth it.

I thank God everyday for him. That I get to share this crazy life with him and that she gets to be loved by him. For any person to get a snippet of that love and dedication is blessed indeed.



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