love does.


Yesterday on my way home to pick up Bryan after dropping Jacey off at swim, I noticed a homeless man sitting under a bridge. While that is a fairly common sight here in Vegas, it isn’t very common up in my part of town. He wasn’t holding a sign, he wasn’t begging, just sitting there. It was just him and every possession he probably owned in a few plastic grocery bags. Watching? Waiting? I’m really not sure and to be honest, after that first glance I really didn’t think any further of him. I was tired and just wanted to get home.

Fast forward to when we were on our way home from picking up Jacey. The man was still there, only now standing in the light reading. As we passed him this time, I truly noticed him and my thoughts went back to a speaker we had at the Pursuit 31 Conference this year.

In the end, love doesn’t just keep thinking about it or keep planning for it. Simply put: love does. – Bob Goff, author of Love Does

Bob Goff
was an amazing speaker with an even more amazing message. Go Do Love. Don’t waste away planning it, trying to get every detail in line. Just go do it.

I asked Bryan to head over to El Pollo Loco for some tortilla soup and water. We are starting to get pretty chilly at night and my immediate thought was something warm. They were out of soup, so Smith’s it was instead. Bryan ran in to grab some there and once he told the deli clerk what we were doing, they offered to heat the soup up and gave us a free cup of water for him.

We headed back over to where he was and pulled off the side of the road. Bryan opted to get out by himself, because we had Jacey and unfortunately, you just never know. Jacey and I watched from the car as Bryan took the food over to him. Bryan said he was at a loss for words, but the huge smile said enough.

One small act. $5 and 15 minutes of our time. We blessed him with a warm meal, but in turn we learned a lesson as well.


Our dinner prayer focused on thanking God that we have the provisions to do that for others.

Love does!

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  1. such a beautiful gift is to give – thank you for the reminder of that. And how true – love does – small acts that make the world truly so much richer and more blessed to be.


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