proof I once was cute {and a brat, but some things never change}

I have had several VHS tapes sitting in the closet collecting dust forever. We haven’t had a VCR since I can’t even remember when, so we had no way to watch them. I have had grand intentions of getting them converted to DVDs for years, but we all know how some intentions never move past fleeting thought.

Well, I finally did it. There were tapes of Jacey’s gender revealing u/s, her first 2 years of life, my high school memories video and Bryan’s basic graduation video. The real gem was this though…

I seriously can’t believe I am sharing this for the world to see….again. :)

I was 4, what can I say?!

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  1. Did it make it to television? I love it and didn’t know we also shared a Barbie connection (loved them when I was a kid)! You were adorable.


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