“Old as she was, she still missed her Daddy sometimes.”
– Gloria Naylor

7 years ago today, I lost my Dad. 7 years and 1 month ago, was the last time I saw this smile or hugged him. And everyday, I miss him.

You see, I wasn’t born blessed to have a great Dad. My biological father was well….let’s just say I lovingly refer to him as my sperm donor. My Papa Bill filled that void in my life. He was an amazing man and an even better “Papa”. As I got older, so did he and his health started failing. God knew what he was doing though. When I was 9, my Mom met a wonderful guy and later married him. He became my “Dad”, friend, confidant, supporter, comedic relief and so much more. I lost my Papa when I was 13, but God had already placed Dad in my life, not to replace Papa but to help fill the hole that was left.

Even though I was not his biological child, you would have never known it. He did not treat me differently than his biological children…in fact, rumor has it that he was easier on me. He was always the loudest person in the crowd (which embarrassed me immensely as a teenager), had a great joke to tell, a hug to give and taught me how to drive (against better judgement), love baseball and appreciate classic rock. He loved Bryan like a son and had a fantastic relationship with Jacey.

I know I will see him again some day, but in the meantime…

I love you and I miss you. Dad.

2 Responses

  1. I’m sorry for you loss Lacey. I lost my dad in 2007. My step-dad who I also call Dad treated me like I was his blood even though I am not. We definitely had some great men in our lives.

  2. I’m sorry you lost him so young, but what you wrote is very sweet. He sounds like a wonderful dad. I bet he is smiling down from above.


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