Thursday Thirteen – Thirteen Things I Actually LIKE About Vegas


Thirteen Things I Actually LIKE About Vegas
(I often complain about Vegas but there are some definite perks to living here)

1. Targets on every corner.

2. Mountains! Everywhere else I have lived, has been flatter than flat.

3. Snow only 15 minutes away.

4. 5-6 hours to both San Diego and Los Angeles.

5. Hiking among God’s beauty.

6. Shows, shows and more shows! Many also offer military discounts.

7. Every type of restaurant you could think of.

8. 300+ days of sun a year.

9. Cheap flights in and out.

10. Just living back in a big city.

11. There is ALWAYS something to do.

12. My bestie (I’ll forgive her for wanting out of here so badly :-).

13. My house….I was really upset about the possible prospect of leaving it recently. We just got it exactly how we want it!


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