Thurday Thirteen

Thirteen Things On My “Bucket List”

1. Go skydiving (after Jacey is grown).

2. Go back to Paris (2014 for our 15th anniversary, baby)!

3. Design and build our dream home.

4. Own a Ford Shelby Mustang GT500. Red with a black or charcoal grey racing stripe.

5. Celebrate Christmas in New York City.

6. Finish my degree…in something.

7. Run a half-marathon.

8. Hear the words, “no evidence of cancer”.

9. Lose 70 pounds (again…sigh).

10. Have a summer/vacation home on a beach…I’d prefer Spain, but I’d take Seaside.

11. Be published on the cover of a national/international magazine.

12. Own my own studio.

13. Continue to grow deeper in my relationship with Christ.

One Response

  1. I love this and your tattoo post. I’m not usually a tattoo fan, but I love the symbolism and look of yours….and that was so sweet what your hubby said in the video. :) :) :) Big, huge “awwwlllll” !!!! :)


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