So, what are you giving up?

In many Christian denominations, it is traditional to give up or “fast” from something that we find pleasure in during the 40 days before Easter, the season of Lent. This act alone does not bring us closer to God if we are only doing it out of obligation and not with the right “heart”.

Why do we do this you ask?

As an act of discipline for learning self control and to free our minds from material things. To identify with Christ’s sufferings, and remember what the true pleasures are for followers of Christ. As an act of repentance for our everyday sins.

Some people choose to keep it private and other make what they are giving up public. I choose to make my sacrifices public each year, so that my family and friends can give me encouragement and help keep me accountable.

This year, I am giving up desserts. This is immense for me (as my hips don’t lie). Not only will it take extreme self-discipline, but it will also reap the benefits of hopefully getting control of my sugar addiction again and saving us money.

This means no ice cream or Retro Bakery. No cookies or cheesecake. And no candy.

The first week or two will be the hardest and I know that. But through Christ I can do all things.


So, what are you giving up?



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