My daughter is a character, through and through. So full of personality and life. Unfortunately, with that also comes the inability to predict ANYTHING that is ever going to come out of her mouth except “I love you”.

A few days ago Bryan and I were discussing a recent mugging/shooting in the area. Jacey was asking questions, which then prompted us to ask her what she should do if anyone ever tries to mug/rob her.

Her response, “I’ll kick them in the balls and run.”

After a moment of stunned silence and a small scolding for using language like that, she responded with, “Sorry Mommy” and then in an almost whisper, “but I would”.

We had to explain to her that wasn’t the right response, but I couldn’t help but laugh later. First I had no clue she even knew about the whole balls reference (apparently kids at school were using it back in 2nd grade?!) and second, right or wrong, that would be my response too.

She definitely has her Mommy’s tenacity and attitude.

3 Responses

  1. WOW!! Thank you so much for the laugh … way too funny!! :) :) :) I’d kick and scream like a girl (that I am), too. ;) lol. LOVE the photo ….. so much character, life, and fun! :)

  2. I didn’t get to comment on this post the other day, but I had to come back to it to say that I LOVE this picture. You are so talented, and I agree, Jacey looks like she is having such a wonderful time. I also just got your FB comment today :), and I hope your New Year is starting off well! Oh, and I can’t remember if I told you, but I loved the Christmas card…showed Ryan who was also impressed.


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