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I’m sure by now most of you have heard about the huge oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and well, if you haven’t, just look it up. I’m sure you will find plenty of links to get caught up to speed. What you might not know though is that I live only 10 minutes from Destin, in northwest Florida, just over the Mid-Bay Bridge. 10 minutes from the gorgeous Emerald Coast beaches that I am truly sad to say, we have taken for granted in the last 5 years.

When I found out we were moving, I wasn’t all that traumatized by leaving here. Sure, I will miss watching the sun set over the bay while crossing the bridge, God’s creation at its finest but I “knew” we could always come back and visit. Take a vacation, splash in the waves and soak up the sun on the gorgeous white sand.

That was before the Deepwater Horizon exploded and the oil began gushing.

So far, our beaches have been spared. A few tar bars have been reported in Destin and on Okaloosa Island but nothing extreme. It is inevitable though. As much as I hate to say it, I do not think there is anyway our beaches will be spared forever. There is simply too much oil floating around out there and it has to go somewhere. Whether is be from currents or a hurricane, it won’t just magically go “poof” and be gone. It’s tragic really.

With that in mind, Jacey and I hit the beach for a “last look” when we were in Destin Saturday. There was a storm rolling in, so I didn’t get the pictures I had composed in my head but I took some anyway. Memories to always have and look back on. The beaches that I fell in love with as a young girl when I first had a vacation here for my uncle’s wedding to being blessed with living here for the last 5 years.

Never take anything for granted, because it can all be gone in an instant.




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  1. I feel sick every time I see about it in the news – I can’t believe that polution on such a gargantuan scale is taking so long to be stopped. The humans can complain – and good for them that they do – but I can’t bear to see the suffering of the animals, who don’t understand what’s happening and can’t escape. I hope you and your daughter will be able to return to that coastline one day and see it restored to its former glory.


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