Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things I miss right now.

1. Bryan (did I ever tell you how much swings SUCK).

2. My Mom’s potato soup (she used to always make it for me when I was sick).

3. Scrapbooking (yes, I know that is my fault but I never feel like I have the time yet that creative outlet does wonders for my moods).

4. Not having a job (while I love my job, when I didn’t have one, I could just *be* sick).

5. Moving (crazy I know, but this is the longest I have lived in one place since I was 11).

6. A clean desk.

7. Days when I didn’t have to do ANYTHING.

8. A fabric couch (leather is cold and I no longer have my layer of warmth (aka, fat)).

9. My sanity.

10. A normal non-military lifestyle (although I am not sure I remember what that is).

11. Paris.

12. My UK girlfriends, I just haven’t found *that* here.

13. Sleep.


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