Totally Rad Actions

Can I just say how much I <3 my Totally Rad Actions! I have had MANY, many more actions before them, but they are now a staple in my aresenal. None of the others I have can compare. Both sets are fabulous.

As a photographer, I like taking things to the edge, slightly overprocessing them if you will. I don’t regularly do that to client photos, I try to keep those milder but with my personal photos, anything goes.

This is SOOC (straight out of the camera)…and not my pro camera either, just the P&S I keep in my purse. Not too terrible for a P&S but it can definitely be better.


This is with my standard defog that I do to every picture. Much better.


Now let’s take it over the top.

Technicolor Dream World (skin layer @ 75%)
Claire-ify @ 75%
Oh Snap! @ 50%


And again.

Grunge Rock
Vignette & Blur HQ @45%


My style of processing is not for everyone, but I love to play with my photos and sometimes take them over the top.

2 Responses

  1. As soon as you don’t have anything on your plate, I’d love it if you taught me something about this stuff. It’s all foreign to me and I’ve always wanted to play. And you’re right, it might not be for everyone but I happen to like what you’ve done and how you’ve played with your photos!

    But you just let me know and I’ll even pay you… :)


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