Thursday Thirteen

In honor of our 10th anniversary tomorrow, I wanted to focus today’s Thursday Thirteen on Bryan.

Thirteen things I love/respect/make me smile about Bryan.

1. His smile just melts me.

2. He is a hard worker and is proud to serve his country.

3. He tells me that he loves me about 9 million times a day.

4. He spoils me.

5. He is a good Dad.

6. He cleans.

7. He is a gentleman; opening doors for me, pulling out chairs, etc.

8. He is smart.

9. He is funny.

10. His butt…yes, I said it.

11. He is an extrovert, so I rarely have to worry about carrying a conversation when we are out.

12. He listens to me ramble for hours on end, never giving any indication that he is bored or tired of it.

13. And most of all, he puts up with me :).

3 Responses

  1. Love this list, Lacey!..all thirteen of them! Ahhh, If we could each just concentrate on the positive qualities of our dear hubby all the time! :)

  2. When Phillip and I were still dating and he was in Utah going to the University of Utah, I would fly out to see him every few months. One time while I was in my sat waiting for the plane to taxi I took out my planner and on a blank sheet of paper and started to write down all the things I loved about him. That was 6 years before we got married. I saved that piece of paper. When I am having a rough patch I dig out that piece of paper and it fills my soul with cozy feelings.

  3. Holy TOLEDO! Let my comment be the poster child as to why one should proof read before clicking on “post comment.”


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