Tuesday Tidbits

  • After doing my poll here while back about my readers screen resolution, I upped my picture size. Like it? Hate it? I link them bigger, but with my screen resolution, I don’t have to scroll at all to see the whole thing.
  • What is up with cars? Bryan’s car is a year old and Friday, while we were sitting at a red light the a/c just quit. Well, it was blowing air, but nothing resembling the cold that was coming out moments before. Sure, it under warranty but should we be having to take a 1 year old car in for something possibly major already?! The really sucky part is that they closed the Suzuki dealership here in town, so we now have to drive it an hour to either Pensacola or Panama City for any warranty work and this is something that really can’t wait when we are pushing 100 degrees outside. Good thing is we weren’t planning to take it to Texas next week.
  • I had to do a small grocery shopping trip this week and razor blades were on my list. Holy cow, I am SO contemplating going European…LOL! Not really but gracious, why is something so small so expensive?! A 4 pack of mine are almost $10 and a 4 pack of Bryan’s are almost $13.
  • I LOVE TweetDeck on my desktop, so I was absolutely thrilled to see an app for the iPhone come out today. After playing around with it a bit, I defintely think it is going to replace both Twitterific and Twitterfon. The ability to sync between my desktop and iPhone client is irreplaceable. Now if only the iPhone app would have Facebook integration like the desktop client.
  • So, iPhone OS 3.0 comes out tomorrow. Wish I knew what time. Several niceties in this update but the one I want to most (MMS) I don’t get till the end of summer thanks to AT&T…bums. The ability to sync notes, copy/paste, landscape email and have stereo bluetooth (I can wirelessly stream my music through my truck speakers) will be cool though.

One Response

  1. Hi lacey-thanks for commenting on my blog. Did you know you that we live so close? I am guessing from you post about your car you must be in…Destin? Ft. Walton? Do you like Dr. Nye? My coworker had bypass via Dr. Nye. I went to Dr. Friedman instead.

    I am not happy to hear that you are still losing hair! that is why I didnt take biotin though bc I have problems with stray facial hairs already…I didnt want to look like a full on wookie.

    and I hear ya about the price of razor blades these days! JEESH!


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