Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen random “thoughts” this week.

1. Jacey finished out the year with straight A’s…little smarty pants. She was happy when school ended, but has already started asking how many more days till school is back…LOL! It’s going to be a long summer!

2. This past week, I actually wore dresses 3 days in a row and a skirt the 4th day. Anyone who knows me, knows that is truly unheard of. I loved it though!

3. So, I upgraded to WordPress 2.8 yesterday and it broke my blog. What visitors see was fine, but I could not make a post…my visual editor no longer existed. Did a full reinstall of 2.8 and cleared my cache…now I am back in business.

4. Anyone out there watch The Big Bang Theory? I have come to the conclusion that I am a little more like Sheldon than I care to admit. Anal, brainy, almost explode when people interrupt me, routine oriented…LOL!

5. Can you believe it, I actually picked up my dSLR this week and took a few pitures…gasp! I even shot in full manual (who am I and where did Lacey go:)?!

6. I went to run today at the Y and it was 77 degrees in there…ridiculous! I totally understand about trying to conserve, but come on…I keep my house at 76 during the day and I don’t exert myself in there.

7. 11 more days till  we head to Texas. I’m looking forward to a week off work, I am NOT looking forward to the drive. I have gotten so spoiled to flying.

8.TweetDeck is pretty neat. Combines Twitter and Facebook, the two services I use the most.

9. Swimming is not easy anymore…I no longer float…LOL! Swimming used to be like second nature to me, but I am really having a hard time adapting to my new buoyancy :). Great workout though!

10. I am back in therapy. I started cycling again a few months ago but stayed in denial for a bit (as usual…for those that don’t know, I am bipolar). I hadn’t cycled in over 2 years, so I had a good spance of time. I started with a new psychologist though (my old one was nutty than me) and she seems pretty cool. AT this point, I am not willing to go the med route and usually therapy is enough for me, so we shall see.

11. iPhone OS 3.0 is coming out on June 17th and I am really looking forward to it. Copy and paste, lanscape text/email…but…

12. No MMS through AT&T until late summer…blah! That was the OS 3.0 feature I was looking forward to the most.

13. I have no clue what to do for Bryan for Father’s Day and it is creeping up really quickly. I have to work that day since we leave on the 22nd for Texas, so we can’t do lunch as normal and will have to do dinner instead. I don’t know what to give him though, everything he wants is currently  not in the budget…LOL!


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