Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things I love about my truck.


2. gas mileage – I am getting on average 24-25 mpg with my city/little bit of highway mix…in an SUV

3. sunroof

4. it’s fun to drive

5. I still get to sit “higher” but don’t have to drive a tank to do it

6. radio and cruise controls on the steering wheel

7. Ford SYNC

8. built in bluetooth with voice activated phone controls

9. no fuel cap to have to remember to screw on

10. storage compartments galore

11. a usb port…yes, how cool is it that I have a usb port in my vehicle (kinda goes along with my GRLGEEK license plates :)

12. automatic headlights (this is one thing I thought I was going to lose leaving GM vehicles)

13. did I mention SIRIUS?!


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