miscellaneous Monday (slacker edition)

Yes, the slacker edition. I started this last Monday, yes you read that right, April 13th. Then intended to finish it yesterday, but as we can all see THAT didn’t happen…

Think I will get it finished today?!

  • Well, summer is definitely coming now. How do I know you ask?! The roaches (or palmetto bugs, whatever you want to call them) are back. They are huge, nasty and unfortunately a part of living in the south…blech. I found one in my washer the other day and about freaked out. Time to spray the garage again…I don’t do snakes or roaches…LOL!
  • Apparently, I am now allergic to salicylic acid. Thanks to genetics, I have always had oily, acne prone skin. It had gotten much better in recent years, but the last few weeks I have had some major breakouts. I have always used salicylic acid based cleansers in the past when I had breakouts, with success so I bought some. A few days in, I noticed that my skin was very red, dry and almost burning but didn’t have a clue as to why. Several more days go by and it gets worse when I finally have a lightbulb moment and think, hmm, maybe the new face wash. Go back to my old face wash and in a few days, my face was back to normal. Weird.
  • Jacey recently came home with a new report card and got straight A’s again. She is just so bright and eager to learn. She is a bit full of herself too and thinks school will always be easy. I hated to burst her bubble, but we did inform her that one day she will have to actually crack the books and it won’t always necessarily be a piece of cake.


  • This month, we had a not so nice little surprise on our cell bill. Turns out PlayPhone Inc. decided to sign us up for some media subscription service just for the heck of it. If it wasn’t for the fact that I am anal about looking at our bills, who knows how long it would have went on. To AT&T’s credit, they were very helpful (apparently we aren’t the first it has happened to) and will be crediting it back on our next bill. They even sent us a text message to confirm that. So, moral of this story is check your bills!
  • I realized last week, just how truly blessed we are with Jacey’s schooling. She goes to school in one of the best counties in Florida, her school has held an A+ for many years now, they cater to her gifted needs and the staff is just wonderful. Even her principal, can be seen out on the ramp helping kids out of their cars in the mornings. We have not once had to consider homeschooling or private school due to her needs being met (which is a good thing, because one, I truly to do think I am cut out to be a homeschooling mom, I commend the ones that are and two, private school is EXPENSIVE).
  • Last week, the truck had to go back to the dealership overnight for a few “loose ends” to our purchase, so they gave me a loaner car. It was a 2008 Ford Focus and let me just say, that totally sealed the deal for me that we made the right choice in going with an SUV again. I had been waivering before we got the truck, but that car was horrible. It handled really well but I totally hated feeling like I was sitting on the ground. I am short and when I have to “fall into” a vehicle, you know it is bad…LOL! I guess I will always be a “truck” girl, that is of course unless someone wants to buy me a Shelby Mustang :-). I may just be able to crossover to the dark side for that!
  • Anyone out there have satellite radio? We had the option for XM on the trailblazer and opted out, because I didn’t see the point behind it. I’ve lived under a rock though apparently for the last 3.5 years. The new truck came with 6 months of Sirius and I am hooked. It will definitely find a way into the budget once our 6 months is over. I love having no commercials and whatever type of music I want at that moment at my fingertips. So far, channel 12 “The Pulse” and channel 66 “The Message” are my favs. Any others I should check out?
  • This weekend, I had a bit of a sad moment. I realized that I hadn’t even had my truck a full 2 weeks yet and had already hit 1000 miles. Sigh. At what point can I no longer call it new? Jacey says the new car smell is already starting to fade too…

That’s all folks…I had three more things to ramble about but I am losing steam. I am going to go soothe my burning throat with ice cream and watch NCIS with Bryan. Perhaps I’ll just save those for next week.

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  1. Yes, the palmetto bugs are in full swing here too. It’s gross, but I do take comfort in the fact that my cat is a ninja at finding and killing them. Then I just have to get Jeremy or Ryan to get rid of it after that, lol!

  2. My favorite radio station on the satellite radio is Kids Place Live (I think that is what it is called) station 116. I love that station, they play some of the funniest songs and this past week while mine was in the shop I found just how much I missed it while driving around with the kids!


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