miscellaneous Monday (on a Wednesday)

  • Monday was weigh-in day and I am befuddled. How do you eat like crap (I mean really, I didn’t even attempt to track it) and stay the same exact  weight, down to the .2?! For 3 weeks?! Trust me, I am not complaining but it is just really weird. I am still 2 pounds from my lowest during this journey, but I have lost some of the weight that I put back on right after my complete unfill.
  • Monday, I also got my stitches out. Everything looks good and no *heavy* activities for 4-6 more weeks (i.e. changing a tire…yes, he honestly used that example). I am cleared to run, but just plan to finish out this week with walking and go back to running next week, since my belly button area is still tender. (Strike that, I ran anyway.) I was a bit bummed, because I can’t get a fill till the end of April BUT, I know it is better this way. Gives me a chance to get back on track with my food choices, bite sizes and speed before it becomes a pain (literally).
  • Where I live it is bathing suit season AND I finally tan again. YAY!! So, Friday I started the search for a new suit since none of the ones I have fit anymore. Tried on 7 different suits with no luck. Did find board short, but no suit. Monday, while we were in Pensacola for my appointment, I looked again, trying on 13 different suits. 20 suits thus far and not a one of them that I liked and fit…sigh. I have a few more places to look, but if I don’t find something soon, I may just have to go topless…would definitely be a good way to clear the beach!
  • With the job market and the economy being the way it is today, don’t you think ALL businesses would be a *bit* more concerned about customer service?! We had a kick butt server at Longhorn last week. He got me the meal that I wanted, even though it wasn’t in the lunch menu, kept drinks refilled, checked on us often enough to be attentive but no so much he was a pest, etc. He was great and our tip reflected that. Then, on Monday, we had a complete 180 at TGI Friday’s. Waitress took 10 minutes to take our drink order, another 10 to bring them and we were in the restaurant 55 minutes before our food came. She didn’t come back to check on us until the end and then almost walked off after Jacey ordered her dessert without waiting to see if Bry and I wanted anything. Then, after she took our check it was another 15 to bring it back for me to sign. Ridiculous! The resturant was not busy and they didn’t appear short-handed. I don’t know about anyone else, but I am so thankful to have a job and a secure income right now, that I put effort into my work.
  • Today was my first day back in the gym since my surgery last week and I can defintely tell I still don’t have all my energy back yet. I had planned on only walking for a few days, but couldn’t keep myself from running once I got on the treadmill. I only ran for 15 minutes before I pooped out, then walked with an incline for another 15. I’m tired, but feel SO much better being active again.
  • Our building project at work is moving along quickly and the new building will be open for use in August. This means, that I will be moving upstairs to an office closer to my bosses once the children’s people vacate to the new building. I am excited, I will have a window again and natural light just brightens the spirit (in my current office, I don’t have a window but have the blessing of not having to share even though I am only a part-timer). Now I need to figure out what color to paint…do I keep my current office color of jadesheen or go for something different? I dunno. I need to find out if I get to buy a new desk, since the one in the office now is going with the children’s people and the color of the desk might weigh in on paint color needs. I’ll be sure to share pics once I am all moved this summer.
  • Has anyone seen the previews for the new Fast & Furious? I loved the first one and the other two were okay, but Vin Diesel is what made it for me. Well, he is back in the fourth one and it will be set in original locatin too. I told Bryan he HAS to take me to see it at the Rave!


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