miscellaneous Monday

  • Lent started last Wednesday and I decided to give up sweets, since I have let them become a bit too much of an addiction again. This feat is proving to be more difficult than I thought and we are ONLY 6 days in…sigh. I guess that is the purpose though, to understand as well as we humans can, the sacrifices that Christ endured for us.
  • Saturday, I ran my first 5k…yes, I said ran. I have participated in them before, but only ran part and walked part. This time, I ran the entire thing. I was really hoping for a sub 35 time, which I know I can do but had 96% humidity and 22mph wind gusts working against me and instead came in at 36:01. It’s sad though, my daughter runs faster than me…LOL…she did the 1 mile fun run and came in at 10:51. The race bug has bitten now though, so I made up a list of races I want to run in. The next one is in April but that is a maybe, pending how fast I recover from my gallbladder surgery. I will be ready though, by the Gate to Gate on Memorial Day, come heck or high water :). If you’d like to see a list of the races, click here.
  • Yesterday, we had an interesting experience. We went to Olive Garden for lunch and Jacey and Bryan sat on one side of the booth as normal and I sat on the other. When we are done and ask for the check, the waiter asks if we want them separate?! In almost 10 years of marriage,, we have never been asked that. It struck me as weird, but the more I started thinking about it, the more embarrassed I got about it. Is that the image we are portraying? That we are not together? Not in love? Not happy? Totally not the truth and definitely not the image I want to portray…must work on that one.
  • I’m not going to go into details here, but could you keep my brother in your prayers? There have been some not so wonderful events nor grand decisions that have taken place and he (and my Mom) could really use them. Could you pray for a wake up call for him and peace/guidance for my Mom?
  • We finally got the final approval from Tricare and my gallbladder removal surgery is now scheduled for March 9th. Bryan took leave and I took vacation that whole week. I won’t know about recovery times and such till my pre-op on Wednesday but it should be easier than my surgery last summer, since I won’t have my big incision this time. It is outpatient, so I will get to come home that day and at least NOT sleep in the comfort of my own bed…LOL!
  • Well, once again the scale and I are not friends. Since my complete unfill, I have been going up and down with these same darn 3 pounds. I was trying to figure out why and when I look at my chart, I can see why I am not losing, but not why I am gaining. I am eating more calories than I should, but still way less than my maintenance amount…sigh. Do we ever truly know what is going on inside OUR bodies?! Heck, if I am not going to lose and am going to gain, I at least want my desserts back….LOL!


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  1. Congrats on the 5k…and best of luck for a speedy recovery on your surgery, you will be in my thoughts and prayers!(your brother too)

  2. Your brother and mum are in my thoughts. I don’t know how well connected I am with those higher powers but I figure prayer can only help! I wish you well for your surgery – it sounds like worrying about your weight right now is a little irrelevant. You’re running, having surgery, living life and loving and being loved – they are the priorities in March eh? Don’t worry about the split bill request – no doubt an insensitve waitperson rather than a non-bonded couple!
    Cheers and all the best – Mel

  3. Lacey I will be praying for your brother and mom. I hope that everything is ok. I will also throw one in for you and hope that your surgery goes quickly and smoothly. Recover quickly!!

    Congrats on running the whole 5K – you are like my inspiration!!! I wish I could do it. I gave up sweets for lent too and it is killing me. I spent about 5 minutes smelling sugar cookies yesterday, just smelling them. But I can do it and so can you!!

    And I also think that the waitperson at the restaurant was just not thinking or at least was thinking of something else and not thinking you weren’t a couple. Anyone who sees you guys knows you are in love and together.



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