In my understanding, bras are supposed to lift you up, kind of like a good friend…right?!

Not let you down?!

Well, someone needs to inform my bras of that tidbit.

A few days ago, I had an experience that I would rather not relive. I can’t believe I am even sharing it here, but it is with great urging that I do (yeah, you know who you are:).

So, I get through my run with no issues, felt good, ran hard and didn’t fall off the treadmill (oh wait, I never told you about that?!). I head over to the ledge that I had my pants and jacket sitting on and proceed to put on my jacket. There is this guy that will not stop looking at me funny. Downright staring. I try to blow it off and head out to the truck. Get in the truck, only to look down and discover that my sports bra was sitting..oh, about 6-8 inches higher than it should and my *girls* are poking out below. Thank goodness for my shirt to cover, but it was a bit chilly out if you catch my drift.

Mortified! I was mortified!

Apparently the guy was staring at my *issue*. Now, if it had been another woman, she’d have said, “hey, you may want to go check yourself”. But no, this guy lets me leave like that…


Bryan thought it was hillarious (of course)…me, not so much.

So, needless to say during my run today, I was paranoid. Constantly checking to make sure the bra and my girls were where they were supposed to be…

And they say working out is good for your health….LOL!

5 Responses

  1. OMW! That is totally funny!!!

    Mine don’t fit anymore. Neither do my regular bra’s. Seems I’m loosing a little bit of weight! I got some new sports bras and some bra’s as well! I feel like a new woman!

  2. The guy must have been from up North.A real man/gentleman in that situation would have looked you in the eyes-nowhere else.


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